You are currently viewing FAIRY OF REVIVED CLOTHES. Love to sew and thoroughness became keys to successful business

FAIRY OF REVIVED CLOTHES. Love to sew and thoroughness became keys to successful business

Birutė has loved sewing since childhood. Taught by the mom to operate an old Singer sewing machine, the girl had no idea that this hobby would accompany her all her life. Having worked in Nevėžis sewing factory for 26 years, Birutė used to sit down to sew only seldom, when she had free time or wanted to learn something new. Everything changed in 2008, when orders for the sewing factory dried up. The woman searched for ways to improve the financial situation of the family and then heard about premises offered for lease and suitable for sewing services. Today, she runs a clothing alteration business and assures that she has never hesitated and always believed in her idea. Although there were those who told her this was a wrong choice, Birutė bought a universal sewing machine, borrowed money to cover rent for the first months, and brought her son’s desk and a closet her friend lent to the new premises. Such was the beginning of her business. Although for 6 months Birutė still tried to balance her new business with the job, finally, she decided to quit her job at the sewing factory. One year later, she got a brand new leather sewing machine and a five-seam sewing machine. Happy customers returned and referred the thorough seamstress to friends and acquaintances. Founded back in 2008, now this clothing alteration business is the only one opened in the city on Saturdays. Birutė can enjoy improved financial situation and the possibility to do a job that she loves all day long. She says that a business like this does not require substantial investments. Skills, thoroughness, interaction with people and great wish are the key.

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