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FLIES THAT SURPRISE. Jeweller who creates extraordinary products

Alla was studying at the Latvian Academy of Arts for two years, but then terminated her education there. She graduated from courses as a jewellerdesigner and started working in her profession: she was making rings out of gold and silver.

Knowledge gained at the Academy later gave Alla an opportunity to work as an interior designer in several large Latvian companies. But on one autumn day, Alla saw a beaded brooch in a shopping window. The product was original and she decided to make something similar, but using better materials. Alla bought high-quality beads and began making umbrella-shaped brooches. Sales went well, but the products were inexpensive and did not generate a substantial income. Having analyzed the situation, the entrepreneur understood what she could offer to the market.

Brooches! Luxurious, noticeable, massive and original brooches created out of semi-precious stones. The jeweller started with classic brooches that had a stone framed by high-grade accessories, but then she wanted more. Today Alla is a recognized producer of brooches and pendants in the form of insects. Her favourite topic is flies. She does everything by herself: buys central stones, selects additional stones and accessories for them, polishes stones, creates and interacts with clients.

Alla admits that she never makes sketches for her products. She touches a stone and immediately imagines a finished brooch. A brooch that should surprise! The entrepreneur considers this approach as her niche in the current jewellery market.

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