Arūnė Krupoviesienė

Sales and marketing projects - Lithuania

Representing institution: LTD “ACC Distribution”

The importance of mentoring area for business start in one sentence: marketing gives a possibility to be visible, audible and desirable

Life credo: There is nothing impossible

dr. Diana Lipinskienė

Human resources management - Lithuania

Representing institution: Panevėžio kolegija

The importance of mentoring area for business start: it is told, that "one in field is not a warrior". The business field is not an exception: if person is working alone in business area he will generate lower results than working with the team. Sinergy can be reached namely in the team, it can provide higher results, when 1+1=3. How to unite people to the common job? How to communicate, make decisions and to deal with the conflicts? The knowledge of resources management helps to answer to that questions.

Life credo:If men wants to do something, he is looking for possibilities. If he does not want to do something - he is looking for the reasonts not to do this.

Deividas Norkūnas

Finances management - Lithuania

Representing institution: AS Citadele banka

The importance of mentoring area for business start: well planned finanses are the basis of a successfull business; first of all basic and profitable investments must be made; funding decisions must be rational and timely and business must be funded prudently and with a risk-benefit balance. The selection of successful financial instruments cannot be implemented without thorough analysis and expert consultation.

Life credo: Enjoy what you have now and not delay joy in the future. Always - ahead!

Rasa Šalkauskienė

Accounting - Lithuania

Representing institution: LTD "Teisingas pasirinkimas"

The importance of mentoring area for business start: The importance of mentoring area for business start: starting a business should first and foremost require a consultation on whether its business will work, be profitable, or be worth starting, and that advice should be from a professional accountant with experience. Taking decision to start a business, everybody should understand that accounting is very important. Start-ups often think that accounting is just taxes. However it is a system for recording, grouping and summarizing monetary transactions and economic events for the information needed to make economical decisions.

Life credo: Before condemning something, turn on his shoes and walk his path and only then say that you know how to walk correctly.

Jūratė Raukštienė

Safety and health at work; Data analysis, Risk management; Strategical planning - Lithuania

Representing institution: Panevėžys Development Agency

The importance of mentoring area for business start in one sentence: Entrepreneur that have spent time to identify risks will be better prepared for dealing with them.

Life credo: I can and I will

Alla Minko

Support for Startups “From idea to investment” – Belarus

Institution represented: LTD "Technology Services Bureau"

The importance of mentoring for starting a business: In business, what is lacking is compensated for by what is in excess – thus the redundancy of excess covers the redundancy of lack. This very mechanism is a framework for great people and brilliant projects. Good advice from the right mentor is worth it to fit your idea and discuss your future business with.

Life credo: To hear each other, let fall a word. There are two types of people – the ones catching the train and the others – whose train has left.

Igor Mikulchik

Financial Management, Microfinance – Belarus

Institution represented: Consumer cooperative “Republican Microfinance Center”

The importance of mentoring for starting a business: With a mentor, first-time entrepreneur always wins the race against time, understands how to carry out business, without losing resources and money in vain. The mentor will identify the key points and steps that need to be taken into consideration, draw the entrepreneur's attention to suitable financial instruments, insure them against unreasonable borrowing, and tell them what risks a particular financing instrument involves.

Life credo: The success of an entrepreneur and any person’s success are in their own hands. Opportunities are always there for you and you must always let your hook be hanging.

Galina Matyushenko

Social Entrepreneurship – Belarus

Institution represented: the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

The importance of mentoring for starting a business: Why don't people go into business? The key reason is fear. People are afraid that they will not cope with it. They are afraid that they don’t know much about it. They are afraid of the unknown. When there is a benevolent mentor and you are not afraid to pick up the phone and hit him up, then fear can have no place in your heart. It is very important to inspire a first-time entrepreneur with confidence. Knowledge provided by mentor will save you time, finances, and most importantly – human resources.

Life credo: Times change and so do people. We need to keep up with the times. We need to broaden outlook. Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made.

Svetlana Korosteleva

Personnel Management – Belarus

Institution represented: Employment Agency “KVADRAT” (ООО “KVADRATKADRY”)

The importance of mentoring for starting a business: “It’s all about qualified personnel!”. Proper selection, placement, organization of personnel work, assessment and control of results is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for the company to achieve its strategic goals. Human resource management is a science that needs to be mastered: personnel recruitment and onboarding, operational work with personnel (personnel records management, labor organization, business qualities development, work motivation, corporate culture, social policy), strategic work with personnel.

Life credo: Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success. ("Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill).

Anatoly Goldberg

Business and Tax Accounting – Belarus

Institution represented: Non-Governmental Organisation “Minsk Capital-City Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers”

The importance of mentoring for starting a business: There is always a first time for everything. If you are brave, purposeful, then nothing is scary for you. Fearlessness does not mean jumping in at the deep end. Life experience shows that planning plays an important role in almost everything. And if you don't have a clue where to start, then you need a mentor. A person who will help you understand complex things and teach you to simply solve problems that seem problematic. The role of a mentor is important in the life of any businessman.

Life credo: There’s no limit to perfection. He is lifeless who is faultless.

Andrejs Kondratjuks

Melon and watermelon cultivation technology – Latvia

Representing institution: Individual entrepreneur

Importance of a mentoring area for business start: What kind of melons and watermelons can be grown in rainy and cold Latvia? Such question will be asked by 7 out of 10 persons. “Great ones! – our mentor will answer. – Large and sweet.”
For those who plan to start a business in the field of agriculture, it is extremely important to understand a growing technology for concrete crops, including its nuances and peculiarities. This knowledge will allow obtaining a high-quality harvest, which will be in a strong demand among customers. Financial problems can be avoided, too.

Life credo: Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle are essential.

Valdis Janovs

Business management, marketing and sales – Latvia

Representing institution: Janne LTD

Importance of a mentoring area for business start: In order to successfully start and develop a business, it is important to have someone who will help you with its analysis, suggest you ways and opportunities of its further development and assess risks. Elaboration of a flexible sales technique and its adjustment to current market demands is a precondition for future success.

Life credo: There are two categories of people: those who look for good places and those who create them.

Jelena Sterhova

Business idea development and analysis, strategic planning and business establishment, preparation of a business plan – Latvia

Representing institution: Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Importance of a mentoring area for business start: Business starts with a good idea, but its existence does not make a person an entrepreneur. It is required to analyze a market, get feedback from experts, compile a business plan, back up the idea with figures, find a team, develop a business model and turn the idea into a promising project. These are the steps that should be taken to build a competitive company with a decent income.

Life credo: Enthusiasm and persistence can move mountains.

Tatjana Titareva

Business launch, personal promotion and promotion of goods and services, sales – Latvia

Representing institution: Individual entrepreneur

Importance of a mentoring area for business start: The majority of people who plan to start own business never studied entrepreneurship. At the same time, a business owner who manages a company by himself has to be a “universal soldier”. It is necessary to understand finances, marketing, purchasing, production, etc. Mentor’s involvement is needed to help overcome a lack of knowledge and experience and get a feedback from outside.

Life credo: Dream Big! Big dreams will lead you to unusual places you have never thought about before.

Daina Einberga

Personal growth, time management – Latvia

Representing institution: DK Projects LTD

Importance of a mentoring area for business start: For those who plan to start own business, it is crucial to overcome fears, eliminate personal barriers, get rid of doubts and gain support. It is great to have someone who will assess your idea and business development prospects and give advice. Possibly, it will be sufficient just to listen to yourself and understand your goals. Correct evaluation of future activities, planning and risk management are also steps to a successful entrepreneurship.

Life credo: To help people do what they want rather than what they have to and live life to the fullest.