You are currently viewing HOBBY CAN TURN INTO BUSINESS. Installation of unique equipment is exciting at any age

HOBBY CAN TURN INTO BUSINESS. Installation of unique equipment is exciting at any age

Vladimir has always been interested in electronics. He liked to build his own radios and tried to work where there was an opportunity to repair electrical equipment and study new products. Vladimir always wanted to have his own business and in 2012 opened a private enterprise to install equipment for digital television and radio broadcasting. Experience with electronics and life experience helped to find customers, and professional knowledge allowed us to perform work at a high quality level. The daily work of Vladimir lies in the selection and installation of special equipment to customers ‘ sites. Vladimir loves his work very much and says with enthusiasm: “At the age of 73, I sometimes climb the tower myself and install the equipment! But I know for sure that I’m doing a great job!”. From time to time, Vladimir admits, the number of orders falls, then you have to increase advertising, search for orders directly at enterprises.

Vladimir constantly analyzes which sites have outdated equipment installed and offers customers to replace it with the most modern. Vladimir advertises the services of his company in catalogs of digital equipment and on the websites of companies that sell televisions, radio equipment, digital equipment, radio components and components.

Vladimir is proud to promote the connection of digital television throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus. He especially likes interesting creative work when installing “unique” objects and tries to do it himself.

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