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LEASE OF PREMISES FOR COMPANIES. Inheritance impelled to start a lease business

Liudas started his own business after he inherited his parents’ house. The man invested some money and reorganised the area of 85 square metres to set up premises for lease. When asked how he came to the decision to lease the premises for offices of business companies rather than living, a sixty-eight year old Liudas was frank: “My wife and I live on the second floor of the same house. The building has entrances from different sides of the land plot, and the land is also divided into two parts; this makes it impossible to even meet the tenants. I wanted to offer premises for businesses to lease with full service. A mechanical engineer by education, the man spent 2 years refurbishing the premises; however, he consulted specialists about replacement of structures, electric installation and decoration. “The house was constructed in 1949 from logs, then it was fronted with bricks, so the issue of structure replacement was very important and complex”, he says adding that although issues were numerous, the experience of starting a business was interesting. “It was exciting for me to deal with potential customers – companies, who wanted to lease the premises. I inquired about their needs, so that the premises matched their expectations. A former associated director for commerce, the man is happy to have already found prospective tenants. The lease is bound to start in 2021.

The man jokes that he was always good at sales; hence, it was not difficult to find a tenant. Liudas says that he is inspired to move forward by experiences, successes and failures of the people he knows. “If you are not interested in anything, nothing will happen.”

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