You are currently viewing OPENNESS TO NEW CHALLENGES. A sense of adventure can be a great motivator to start a business

OPENNESS TO NEW CHALLENGES. A sense of adventure can be a great motivator to start a business

Maria started thinking about her own business after she changed her permanent place of residence from Moscow to Latvia six years ago. A linguist by education, Maria had a proven track record in translation and teaching English in international schools and during private lessons. However, in Latvia she had to start everything from scratch in order to ensure the same standard of living she was used to.
Maria was invited to take up a position of a news website editor, but she decided to offer private English lessons as well since the new job would take only 2-3 days a week. She gave lessons to adults before, including those who were working in a foreign country, were planning to go abroad or were preparing for international exams. She also had corporate clients.
Now the situation was different: the only clients who signed up for classes were children. A dilemma arose: what to do? Try to look for familiar customers or adjust to a new target audience? Kids became a challenge for Maria!
She had to study numerous methodological manuals, select textbooks and game based learning materials, develop modern lesson plans and brush up on her knowledge in children’s educational psychology. Currently, Maria conducts lessons for young students both in person and via Skype.
But that’s not all! Maria’s friend inherited a real estate not far from Jelgava and decided to open a B&B there. He lives in Denmark and Maria undertook a market situation analysis and marketing strategy development for a potential business.
“I am not afraid of anything, – says Maria. – If I am interested, I can get involved in any project. Yes, I understand that it may fail, I am ready for this. But if there is interest, I am already on fire!”

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